Welcome to the Huating Wang Lab

Skeletal muscle allows voluntary movement and plays a key role in regulating metabolism and homeostasis in the organism. Adult muscle stem cells, MuSCs, are responsible for muscle growth and regeneration. Responding to muscle injury, MuSCs are indispensable for the ensued regeneration by quickly activating to enter cell cycle, proliferate, and differentiate to form myofibers de novo. Both intrinsic factors in MuSCs and extrinsic signaling from the niche microenvironment regulate MuSC activities. Our group is interested in dissecting the mechanisms underlying the intrinsic and extrinsic regulations and also to elucidate how the deregulated MuSC activities contribute to muscle diseases such as age-inflicted sarcopenia and muscular dystrophy.


December, 2023

Gexin won the best poster award at IAS-TRS joint symposium!

October, 2023

Suyang won the best poster award at the 8th China Muscle Society Meeting!

August, 2023

One NSFC was awarded to Xiaona!

June, 2023

Two GRFs awarded to Huating and Hao!

June, 2023

Suyang's paper is accepted by Nature Communication!

June, 2023

Congratulations to Dr. Zhiming He!

June, 2023

Yang won Best Trainee Talk award at the GRC/GRS Myogenesis Meeting 2023!

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